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  • March 3, 2021 95

Prague mean girls humiliating a boat slave

Kasin Yelena

Two Prague mean goddesses decided they wanna go on a boat and they know a loser guy who is so easy to control and so easy to dominate. They call him up telling him they wanna go on his boat right now and he obeys, picks them up and takes them on the river. But these spoiled brats want some more fun and start to humiliate him, drown him in the river and laugh at him when he's almost out of consciousness. Then they wanna sunbathe and be left alone, he can prepare the ship and drink in the mean time. On their way back they want to be served drinks, snacks, they want their feet massaged and worshiped. "The soles are dirty? So what?? Lick my feet! I want it! Now!" they're really bitchy but so beautiful and powerfull he's totally in their control. They know how to handle a man, especially such a weak loser who falls at their feet on a whimp!

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