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  • March 3, 2021 101

Foot smother and hot wrestling domination

Blue Kate

Blue Kate is ready to fight, she wants to practise and the only one by her hand is Jack. He's in the other room doing some reading while Kate jumps in and starts the fight just like that. Jack is caught by surprise, before he knows it he's pinned down under Kate and smelling her worn socks. He's helpless and humiliated...being dominated by Kate, being foot smothered and laughed at by her wasn't exactly his idea of this afternoon. But there is nothing he can do, Kate is just to strong and skilled and excited for the fight. He's under her feet all the time, just trying to catch a breath and get rid of Kate's smelly feet off his face. But there is no way he can do that, no way to win or just escape. Kate has him now and he'll be dominated by her feet and socks until it's not fun for her anymore. But that could take a looong time because right now she's enjoying her win in many victory poses, laughing at Jack and she's planning to enjoy it much more and longer!

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