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  • March 3, 2021 111

Babysitter karateka feet domination


Jack and his wife have a babysitter to help them a bit but when Jack arrives home he should relieve her and take care of the kid himslef. But sometimes he just watches TV or reads a magazine and the poor young babysitter has to be there longer. And today this is one of the cases, but she has enough! She wakes up Jack sleeping on the sofa by her sweaty and smelly flat balerina shoe, as the shoe is hitting Jack's face he wakes up in a surprise and the next thing he sees is the babysitter's fist hitting his face several times. Before he knows what's going on she's kicking him in the face by her sexy but sweaty bare foot and then starts to foot smother him. Jack is helpless, the foot is also smelly and he's just trying to catch a breath. Then kicking and beating continues and it's pretty obvious the mad babysitter wants to teach him a lesson, show him that she can beat him up anytime she wants and that she also loves to humiliate him by her feet. By foot smothering him, putting her feet on his face and in his mouth and laughing at him as he's under her sweaty bare feet begging for mercy. He's really mean by now, as she's standing in victory pose on Jack and as he's totally humiliated by this small Asian foot goddess.

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