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  • March 3, 2021 115

Small Asian girl gives a sassy robber his first karate lesson


Lynn has a colorful history with various robbers who tried to steal from her. I guess they think that small 45 kilograms weighting Asian girl will be an easy target. But they are mistaken! Another robber is in her apartment when she comes home from work. The gym is closed because of COVID and she cannot have her regular exercise this way but at least she's home sooner after work. The robber panics and hides behind the door. It works, Lynn has no idea he's there. Well it works for a while. On second time when he tries to leave he's caught by Lynn. And she's really pissed another robber is in her place. She really wants to get back at him now! Right away he's punched in the face and goes down. And now it's time to teach him to never come back here! To teach him a little karate lesson with those sexy small bare feet of this Vietnamese foot goddess.

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