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Caught at foot porn and punished by her pantyhosed feet

Blue Kate

Blue Kate comes home from work, she's an office manager and she does crazy hours over there. All day in her shoes and those pantyhose have also lived through a lot, but now she's finally home. But where is her sweetie? She looks around the apartment but she find her husband in bed with a laptop, with his headphones on and looking to some dominatrix foot fetish porn. "What the hell is this?!" she asks him, but he can't even hear her over the headphones. She's pretty mad right now! Kate rips the phones from his head and he's spooked like a little child, closes the laptop immediately and tries to make some stupid excuse. But Kate knows better - she wants to punish him for this. He never had the guts to tell her about this. Well now he will get enough of it. He'll be her little footboy, starting now! And those smelly worn pantyhose will be a good start. She jumps him, holds his hands down and put her all day long sweating feet on his face. Let's start!

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