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  • March 3, 2021 120

Slave boots domination, choking, findom and high arches worship


A lot of guys are turned on by the idea of being owned and dominated by a sexy young dominatrix in boots, on high heels. Being on a leash at her feet and seeing her enjoying her dominance and treating them like slaves. And a lot of men will pay for such experience. Jack is one of them - he got in touch with this nice young girl who turned out to be a dominatrix by occupation and she enjoys it very much. Having men on a leash, at her feet and at her mercy. Jack sets up a play-date with her to experience her in this way and now he's anxiously awaiting her at his home, kneeling at the door and looking forward for her to come and dominate him. And here she comes. Oh my god she looks amazing and she's so mean and arrogant young girl and those sexy boots...OMG she owns Jack already and she didn't even touch him yet. This is gonna be amazing for both of them!

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