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  • March 3, 2021 84

Foot licking doggy at his mistess's sexy feet


Jack is a happy doggy, a foot slave with beautiful mistress with sexy feet and with a great shoe fetish and high heels fetish. His goddess is taking good care of her feet and she let's him worship them once in a while. What more can he ask for, right? Today he's been very good and he deserves a treat. Wake up doggy! You're going to worship high heels and sexy bare feet of your mistress. Get up, come here and get down again. Down at my feet! Aren't you the luckiest doggy under the Sun? Now lick my shoes. And the bottoms too. Worship me like a goddes that I am. Show me how gratefull you are for allowing you to lick my feet, my sexy soles and high arches and to suck my toes. Beg me so you can lay at my feet and be under my high heels. Beg me to let you lick the soles of my shoes as you crawl on the ground all turned on and horny for my feet. Show you goddess how perfect she is. Worship my feet!

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