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  • March 3, 2021 97

BBW wife makes you smell her stinky socks and feet, POV


You have been home the whole day and you couldn't even do the dishes like you promised?! Didi is really mad now! You need to be punished. She's working all day long and as she comes home she finds this mess here? You gotta be kidding. No way around it - you have to learn that your wife cannot do everything for you. "How will I punish you..? Ou I know - you know what happens when you slave all day at work for your husband?? Feet get pretty sweaty and smelly! And you're gonna sniff my feet now!" says Didi and she really means it...she's really mad! She takes off her sock and pushes it on your nose. She's a big girl too, heavier then you so you have no chance fighting back. Now you can just try to take a breath but between your nose and fresh air there is her stinky worn sock, so enjoy. This is how she will punish you. "Now smell my socks, then the other and then you'll sniff my smelly feet too! And you'll worship them. That will teach you!". She's really mad now man...

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