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  • March 3, 2021 118

Double Asian feet punishment for a sassy robber

Sun Lynn

The poor bastard thought he can steal from goddess Lynn and Sun. Mistake! He's caught at the action and the two Vietnamese goddesses are not happy at all. It's time to teach the slave to be a lesson. They hit him over the head with a vine bottle, kick him in the crotch and he's in their power just like that. He wakes up already under their feet and helplessly has to take what is coming to him. That his good old foot humiliation and smother and domination from the greatest Asian foot goddesses out there. And they will not spare him a bit, that's for sure. Lynn is barefoot and Sun has her worn smelly socks on and the fun begins now. At least for the girls. The foot slave will suffer now! He's on his back under the girls' feet, they are all over his face and he has to worship them and smell them while the girls are laughing at him from above. What a humiliation for him...but that's what you get when you try to mess with powerful Asian foot goddesses.

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