• March 3, 2021 80

Foot goddess training her slave on a leash


Goddess Megan feels her little slave needs a lesson on how to be a good doggy, so she takes a leash, put it around his neck and starts his training so he understands how to crawl at her feet and under her high heels and how to worship his perfect goddess. First there goes the crawling and kissing goddess's bare feet in high heels in humility. He has no choice than to do what she asks, otherwise Megan will pull the leash and choke her slave until he gasps for air and behaves as he should. And the being a bad one she has to do this repeatedly. What a loser, he always gives in anyway! And if goddess Megan want's to show him how helpless he truly is, she steps on his neck with her high heels and just watches him suffer and choke. Let's see how does he massage feet and his goddess's long toes. That's what he has to do perfectly! And also be a good footrest. Otherwise punishment is in order. We can't have bad behaving slaves around, can we?

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