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  • March 3, 2021 150

Bare feet in sneakers seduction and rent paying with her sweaty feet


It's always a problem with money for Ginger and this month it's the same - she's scraping the bottom and she doesn't have enough for the shared rent even and so she comes up with a solution that will benefit them both. Her flat-mate is a guy who is into feet very much. Into smelling her shoes when she's not watching and she bets he would like to smell her bare feet too. He doesn't know she knows this about him but now it's time to use it. Ginger walks in to his room and starts to seduce him. Only he doesn't want to pay the whole rent. Moreover this is not the first time Ginger has a money problem and so he refuses. At least until the moment when Ginger puts her sweaty barefoot in sneaker on the table in front of the guy and tells him she knows all about his desire to smell her shoes and feet. He's stunned but so turned on that he can barely speak. Now she's got him by the balls :). He cannot pass on an opportunity like this - to be allowed to smell and worship her sexy BIG feet and her smelly sneakers. He's in!

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