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  • March 3, 2021 102

Lesbian girlfriend payback by foot worship


Megan is a lesbian and her girlfriend has been pretty bad last few days. She was seeing a lot of other girls, she said it's just for coffee but then she send Megan some photos and Megan got a bit mad. So she's thinking how to get back at her girlfriend, how to show her it's not fine to do stuff like that. But how? What about to use her biggest weakness - her passion for Megan's sexy feet and long toes. And how better then to let a guy, who Megan knows is a big foot fetishist, to worship her feet and make few photos and a video of her own and send that to the girlfriend. That should kind of restore the balance of power according to her. So she calls her friend and makes him an offer that he can worship her bare feet and she'll do those photos. What a great opporunity, wouldn't you do it being the guy? So he does it and it's an amazing experience to worship Megan's sexy soft soles and long toes. It was definitely worth it!

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