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  • March 3, 2021 82

Sexy high heels, pantyhose and legs teasing


Vicky has come to visit, she's a little bit drunk but so flirty and sooo sexy! She has red very high heels, pantyhose and nice dress and her legs look absolutely amazing. She's so hot right now! She also knows what you like - legs, feet, high heels and especially pantyhose. Right? That's why she came to you, because she knew you'd be powerless against her dressed like this. And she was right, wasn't she? Vicky starts to tease you, put one leg over the other showing off her thighs and you're getting horny already. But then she slowly takes off one shoe and plays with her foot and with the pantyhose as well. Then the other shoe and now she wants you to smell her pantyhose, smell her soles and tell her how hot she is and how turned on you are right now. It's like heaven but that's just the start!

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