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  • March 3, 2021 62

Stinky socks seller girl at work getting her foot worship


Dita us running her foot fetish portal and she's selling her and her friend's socks and shoes and other products and there is this one curious customer, who wants to try those socks in person. Try to smell them and see how good they are. No problem Dita says! She prepares her socks selection while the customer arrives. Dita shows him all she's got in stock at the moment and he starts to try and smell them. But it's not exactly would be the best if he could try those socks on Dita's feet. Is that possible? Sure, Dita says and puts the first pair of socks on her BIG feet and the customer can smell them like this. He made his pick - he want two pairs. It's 50 EUR total, but he thought it's 30 for both pairs...he didn't bring enough money to solve it? Dita knows! If he'll take care of her feet, massage them, worship them, be her footrest for the whole working day she will give him both pairs for 30 EUR. Sounds fair? :)

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