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Jogging feet and white socks tease


Vicky is jogging outside when you run into her as she's passing by you. She knows very well what you're into and that you wouldn't ever pass on an opportunity to smell her sweaty socks and feet right now, when they're so hot and smelly still. So she starts to tease you a bit, playing like her feet hurt but you know better than that. She was always drawn to you and you were always wishing you could worship her sexy feet and toes, especially after a workout like this. Vicky takes off her running sneakers and acts like she would need a foot massage or something so she puts her foot right in front of you and starts taking her sock off really slowly. You're having a hard on and Vicky notices right away. So she takes off the other shoe as well and asks you if you'd want to make some photos of her. You agree and she positions her feet in the way on purpose so you have something to look at when you come home. Vcky is really doing a great job teasing you. Her feet are amazing and attitude even better. It looks like it's time to propose a foot worship to her. Are you up for it?

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