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  • March 3, 2021 89

Relaxing her sweaty feet after a tennis match


It's hot outside, Megan's feet are sweaty and smelly as she's having a tennis match with her friend and showers doesn't work at the tennis courts. What a day for her feet... But you don't mind at all, because as Megan arrives home she doesn't take a shower right away. She first wants to relax a bit, to rest. And so she puts her feet on the table and takes one of her sweaty sneakers off. Her sock is so smelly, it's like it's has been worn for a month. And it's sweaty too. You're so much turned on right now! But wait, she's taking the other shoe off too. This is so exciting! She's just relaxing there, her feet right in front of you and you're just waiting on the moment she'll take off her socks too and leaves them on the table and you'll see those moist smelly feet and sexy long toes. Damn she is so hot!

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