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  • March 3, 2021 84

POV sweaty feet worship at the office


Some IT guys you are. Ester has always some troubles with her computer, which you are responsible for! Why does she always has to have these problems?? She's pretty mad at you right now. And why is the report you gave her yestarday all wrong?! You're really getting useless around here. So she will have to give you another job which you might be able to do well. And don't even dare to let her down! She wants you to worship her shoes, clean them. And she's been wearing these sexy high heels every day at work for a long time. They get smelly after the whole day and her feet as well. But that's your problem. You'll get to her sweaty smelly bare feet soon, don't you worry. But now worship those shoes. Lick the bottom, clean them and do it all under her feet on the ground where you belong. That's what you deserve for such a sloppy work!

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