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  • March 3, 2021 104

Footfetish session with 18y/o pornstar


A new sexy teen model MitziX is here! She's very naughty, very opened to everything and she does real porn too, not just our little foot plays here :-). MitziX is 18 years old with height of 166 cm and 53 kilograms of weight and just have to love that body! Her foot size is 39 EU / 8.5 US and she has pretty long toes too. She can act, she is cute and naughty, we love her. And you will too for sure. For today's shooting she came prepared with some sexy outfits and very high heels and boy she's killing it! Teasing you with her face, her body and of course those sexy feet and long toes and being there with her I guarantee you wouldn't handle yourself through the whole session. No sir! :) She's just something, this girl. Just check her out yourself.

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