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  • July 8, 2024 12 min 28 sec

Sweaty gym socks and soft sexy feet


Apartment building gyms are awesome! Most of the time you can be there alone and have a great workout and other times one of your sexy neighbours is there working out and you can watch her. Today it's Vicky who came down for a nice workout and she hates to stay in those sweaty smelly sneakers all the time, you know that already. Now you just have to wait till she takes them off. And when she does, her white worn smelly socks will be still on her feet but you love those, don't you? But her bare feet are even better, right? And pretty soon you can be sure she'll take those socks off as well. It wouldn't be the first time you were watching her workout and she's your favorite neighbour, isn't she? Well who can blame you, those sexy feet are just amazing and apparently she has no problem showing them off. It almost looks like she loves teasing you in there with her toes and soles. Maybe she knows you're a foot fetish enthusiast or she might even realize how much you wanna give her a little foot worship and foot smelling and sock sniffing. Well now is your change to find out.

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