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  • July 3, 2024 24 min 46 sec

Sweaty wrestling humiliation and foot smother


Yara hates this guy in the gym she's visiting and she wants to teach him a lesson. She wants to fight him and make him smell her sweaty feet, push them in his face and make him beg and kiss her sweaty soles. He deserves nothing less! So she arrives first to the gym and prepares a bit. She puts plastic bags on her feet and put her feet in her old gym shoes and just starts to excercise like crazy to get the most sweaty she can. Now she's ready for him. Immediately after he arrives he of course makes fun of her again, joking about her nice "socks" and saying she's not normal. That's just what she needed to get her blood boiling. She jumps him and starts to choke him out. He's so weak, crambling in a moment and pretty soon she already wipes her sweaty smelly feet on his face. Not such a big guy now, hmm?? This is just a start, you'll smell my feet, have your face in my soles and you're gonna beg me not to make you kiss and worship my feet. But you will!

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