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  • June 27, 2024 6 min 18 sec

Office secretary making a secret amateur video for you


You colleague has noticed a long time ago you're into feet and pantyhose and high heels and it looks you love this the most in the office. Is it the fact you could get caught? Is it the rush? Is it the secretary costume? What ever it is, it's pretty obvious to her that you just love it! And she loves this too, right in the office. But how to tell you? Once you were checking some cables under her table you looked like having a boulge on your pants and hit your head on the table when you thought she noticed you and you've never tried that again. So she decided to make you a POV amateur video of being under her table and right at her feet, sniffing her pantyhose and worshiping her high heels and sexy soles and BIG feet. Smelling those worn pantyhose and her shoes too. Lets see if this breaks the ice.

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