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  • June 7, 2024 6 min 55 sec

Ankle socks and worn flat shoes smelling


Another hard day at work and Ginger's feet are so tired and sore. She has been in her flats all day long wearing only tiny white ankle socks and they are sweaty and smelly like never before! But she's finally home now and she can relax a bit. When she sees you smelling her feet from afar and trying to get close and smell them she decides to have a little fun herself and make it easier for you. She starts to describe how smelly and sweaty her feet are, how wet her socks are and those flat shoes... OMG those are crazy smelly right now! And when you can't take it anymore she comes closer and starts to tease you with her feet, socks and flats and makes you smell them and worship them as well as lick her bare feet and soles. Isn't that what you wanted all along?

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