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  • July 1, 2024 9 min 17 sec

Foot measuring with BIG feet BBW


Maty is obsessed with her BIG feet, HUGE soles and she loves it! She also knows how much you like big feet like hers and she likes to watch you as you're staring at her feet and getting hard for them. Or are you specifically into BBW feet? She is a big girl too, not just her feet are huge, she is as well. In any case she's just walked in with her sandals on and she's excited to tease you by playing with her feet, measuring them, comparing them and showing you her sexy soles and wide feet. Her soles are very soft and her meaty feet are just amazing. You wanna spray all over those feet? Maty is in! Just tell her how much you love her BIG feet and she'll be in heaven and so will you.

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