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  • June 3, 2024 9 min 2 sec

BBW teddy bear crushing and trampling


Maty has just been dumped by her boyfriend and she's hurting so bad. But she also hates his guts right now! That's why when she sees her teady bear laying on the floor there she immediately imagines it to be her ex and she wants revenge! So she starts to stomp him, crush him, full weight trample him and she enjoys it a lot too! That bastard deserves nothing better and he should smell her stinky worn sneakers and be smothered below her BIG feet and soles. They are pretty sweaty too and he'll have to sniff them since she's such a big girl he can't lift her up. She'll stand on his face and lagugh at him as long as she wants and she'll make him beg. That's what she wants right now. To humiliate him, dominate him, make him cry and make him suffer under her feet and being so giant is a great boost for her. So much power and such a little helpless loser at her huge feet.

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