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  • June 23, 2024 18 min 7 sec

Lick the bottoms of my shoes, slave!


Ester is mean today and you're her fucking slave so behave like it or she'll beat you senseless! She orders you do get down at her feet and lick the bottoms of her shoes. She's been walking outside today and they god a bit dirty. You'll crawl at her feet and beg so you could even lick those shoe soles and if not she'll mke you beg! For her you're just a meaningless loser who should feel lucky to be even allowed in the same room as her. Licking her shoes is a privledge! And if you ever want to worship her sexy bare feet you will do anything she says right now, you will take any abuse and humiliation she sends your way, you'll be looking at her middle finger in your face and listen her telling you what a loser you are. You're just a doormat to her, she's such a goddess that even her spit will taste like wine to you. Understand? Or does Ester have to kick you to the ground and keep kicking until you bleed?

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