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  • June 1, 2024 12 min 31 sec

Pantyhose goddess in pump high heels teasing


She has her old worn pantyhose on and her favorite pumps and it looks like she's ignoring you but Ester knows very well where your looks will always end up. You love pantyhose on sexy legs and feet, you love shoe dangling and sexy high heels hanging on the just the tip of her toes. She knows your pervy desires and she's completely fine with them. Ester actually enjoys to tease you, get you on the edge and hang you there as long as you can take it. She's on the couch, getting her shoes on and off letting you see her smelly pantyhose. But only lasts few seconds every time and than you're gonna watch some shoe dangling but not her sexy toes. She's running this show and she controls you with those sexy feet and legs. Enjoy the moment while it lasts and don't dissapoint her so she doesn't leave too soon.

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