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  • June 9, 2024 15 min 56 sec

Bratty foot slave domination on a leash


Vicky is a little brat, always has been but now she's at college and it's causing some troubles. Well not for her, she's still a brat and owning it but to the people around it is sometimes quite uncomfortable. Like her roommate Toby. He's mad in love with her for some time but he's pretty dorky and afraid she will turn him down and so has never told her. But today is the day! He's determined to tell her he likes her and as if she would like to date him. Boy he's gonna learn how mean Vicky can be. But he's going for it, not knowing what's coming to him. An afternoon of foot domination, humiliation, femdom slavery and crawling at her feet. Than serving as her footstool and being made to smell her socks and stinky sneakers and worship her sweaty bare feet as well. She loves this kind of power and he's just a helpless dork who's gonna be submissive enough.

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