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  • May 21, 2024 15 min 11 sec

Office foot voyeur and a young pretty assistent


She's so young and hot and you feel really lucky your boss has selected her as his assistent. Good thing he's in a huge meeting right now and she got to work from the kitchenette and you of course joined her there. She has those worn sandals where you can see her sexy feet all the time and she's playing with them under the table. It looks so hot! She doesn't even realize it how much you're turned on right now. Her toes are amazing and you can just imagine how soft and amazing her soles must be. Ooops, she almost noticed you now staring at her feet. You gotta be more careful, it could be a problem when she'd told your mutual boss about this. On the other hand she might even like it and you could give her foot massages and maybe she'd even let you worship her sexy feet. Damn just imagine putting those sexy toes to your mouth, even with the sandals on! She's your new goddess now. Finally a reason to get to work excited!

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