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  • June 25, 2024 12 min 40 sec

Young girlfriend foot worship evening


Your girlfriend you home from work and she's already relaxing and invites you to join her. She had a really long day and it feels good to be finally home. There is only one thing...on never mind I don't wanna bother you. Oh you don't mind? Well, my feet are tired and sore and I would just love to get a foot massage from you. What do you think? If I like it you could than play with my feet, if you want. Mmm? That's what you've been waiting for the whole day! Your sexy young girlfriend and her soft and moist soles and toes. They also smell very nice right now and you just have to have them. Start with the foot massage and pretty soon you'll be worshiping her sexy feet as much as you want and we all know where that leads, right? So go on. Get started. She's waiting.

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