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  • June 11, 2024 14 min 40 sec

Foot fetish yoga experience


This yoga session you'll never forget. Andrea, the young sexy and naughty looking girl that visits every session is working out barefoot and those feet are just amazing! She's doing all these poses and in most she puts her feet in such a position they always head in your direction and it almost looks like she's teasing you with her feet. It's probably not true but just wanna believe it because her soles and toes look amazing! You're so hard you can't even excercise because it would show on your pants. So you're just sitting there, staring at her and her sexy bare feet and you can't look away. She checks you up once in a while too and her looks are not dirty, they're more like seductive and naughty. Is this the time to make a move and talk to her? Well if not now than when?

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