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  • May 28, 2024 6 min 54 sec

Double smelly feet worship

MitziX Yelena

The girls have such a smelly feet they can't believe it themselves. So they want to figure out who of the two has the most smelly soles and toes. They smell their own feet and each other's feet as well and it just too hard to decide. Their feet are so smelly and sweaty it will need an outside help to decide. So they call for their friend Toby to smell their feet and decide. He's very much into feet and takes his time with smelling those stinky feet as much as he can. But it's tough. All those 4 feet are so sexy and having them barefoot like that in his face distracts him so much he forgets why he came there. He's smelling and sniffing feet like crazy and the girls just laugh as they push their smelly soles in his face. It looks like everybody is happy. Wouldn't you be?

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