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  • April 9, 2024 11 min 26 sec

Cute and sexy russian college girl's feet


Your roommate is this hot cute girl from Russia, Kasin. She's sometimes need some help with school project and stuff like that and she knows what she can do for you. Your foot fetish is pretty well knows on the school and she knows you can't resist her sexy soles and toes. So whenever she wants some help with school stuff, you get her sexy feet. Usually it goes like this. She sits or lies on the sofa in your doormitory, usually barefoot and plays with her feet right in front of you until you get really nervous and turned on. Than she won't let you touch her feet to get make you weak and she wraps you around her finger like this and at the last moment when you can't take is anymore she puts her feet in your lap and right in your face and tells you what she needs and makes you a deal you can't turn down. Just like today...

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