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  • April 16, 2024 12 min 32 sec

Footboy serving his gorgeous mistress's feet


Vicky, this bratty babe, has it's own personal footboy. A little foot slave who does everything for her and is so happy when he can smell her pantyhose and worship her feet. But sometimes he has to clean the bottoms of her shoes as well, if she tells him to. But he does that too enthusiastically like a good foot bitch and Vicky takes it as a sure thing, as a normal behavior of men who fall at her feet. She's so annoyed when he does something wrong and would beat him up and kick his face even to punish him in such a case. She can be really bitchy and arrogant brat. Smoking above at the same time a guy is crawling at her feet and licking the dirt of her shoes. She blows the smoke right in his face and enjoys her power. She loves to feel like a goddess, like a princess that owns the world and all men and women should be at her feet begging for a foot kiss.

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