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  • March 30, 2024 7 min 2 sec

Morning smelly socks and slippers teasing


It's another morning and Ginger has just got up and is excited to make another video for you guys. She has her stinky dirty socks on, which she didn't have time to wash this crazy week and her slippers are old and very worn and smell so bad! She's smelling those socks and slippers her self a bit a OMG what a strong scent... she can't even take it but you might like it. Those socks are like week old, worn, sweaty and smelly and most people would hate it but you're not most people and Ginger knows this very well. That's why she made this video for you. You wanna be there on the floor at her feet and watch her press those smelly feet and stinky socks on your face. Wouldn't you? :)

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