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  • April 22, 2024 11 min 13 sec

Dirty feet licking and sock smelling slave


It's a priviledge to be allowed by such a sexy young goddess to live with her, take care of her, massage her feet and worship her like a princess. And Toby is indeed grateful he can be at her feet. That he can be basically a slave to goddess MitziX. She has such a perfect body, ass and feet and sexy long toes and a lot of guys would give anything to be allowed to worship those sexy feet. Even though they can get smelly, especially after a run like the one MitziX just had. Her feet are sweaty and smelly and her socks are pretty bad too. And Toby is gonna a be a nice little slave boy and smell and sniff those socks and feet even if should pass out of it! He should feel so lucky to be at those long toes and soft soles of MitziX. Now get to worshiping of your goddess before she'll beat you up like a miserable little bitch.

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