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  • March 26, 2024 15 min 32 sec

Socks smother domination POV


Yara has you wrapped around her finger and you have to do what she says or you'll be out of job tomorrow and you just can't afford that, can you? So you'll do what ever she says, right? Right! She's has just returned home from work and her feet and sweaty and smelly and her socks... OMG those socks... they are so bad! So smelly and worn and dirty and sweaty socks you've never seen before and she wants you to sniff them now. "Do you have a problem with that?! I thought so! Now get to smelling those disgusting socks of mine." You're officially her footboy now and there is nothing you can do about it. She owns your ass and you'll smell her socks, let her stomp your face and smother you with those feet and socks as much as she wants. Oh and you'll worship her feet too, if she so desires! Now get to those stinky socks and sniff!

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