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  • April 26, 2024 8 min 18 sec

Handyman gets his big foot reward


This Ginger with her BIG feet and colorful soles is not very skilled in fixing stuff at home but that's what handymen are for, right? What she is good at is using her sexy feet when she needs to and seduce with them, show them off to mess with guys and of course use them as payment for handyman's work. Why not right? When he likes it, Ginger will enjoy it as well and they both get what they want. Plus having a nice foot massage and foot worship is always welcomed. And this guy likes BIG feet and soles it seems, as he's measuring Ginger's feet all over from all sides and it looks to turn him on. Well if he likes it, why not. "Enjoy my sexy BIG feet and huge colorful soles and long toes. Go on, worship them.".

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