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  • March 4, 2024 5 min 31 sec

Your sexy teen goddess in fishnets controls you fully


You know how this goes - your goddess is waiting for you and if you want it or not she will dominate you as she pleases. Wearing sexy outfit and fishnet pantyhose this 18 years old teen goddess is everything you always wanted. You cannot resist. You don't really want to. She's inviting you to her feet, to be her slave and footboy and she's so seductive and sexy you have no chance against her. She orders you down on your knees and before her feet and spanks you a bit to show you who's in control and than you're made to worship those sexy feet and long toes of hers. Wrapped in pantyhose you can see the amazing shape of her soles and toes and you do whatever she says. You worship her feet like she's the only girl on Earth!

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    *      180 days membership, initial charge of 90 €, automatically recurring payment of 90 € every 180 days

**    90 days membership, initial charge of 60 €, automatically recurring payment of 60 € every 90 days

***  30 days membership, initial charge of 25 €, automatically recurring payment of 25 € every 30 days