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  • March 19, 2024 13 min 57 sec

Giantess's stinky feet punishment


It's a real pain to be so small a giant girl can carry you the whole day in her backpack from where you cannot escape and you just have to wait until she wants to play with you again. And she will. This girl is pretty mean - she's wearing one pair of socks the whole week to school and than she's making you smell those socks and feet. She puts you in between her long toes and makes you lick the dirt off. And her feet are so giant compared to you. Giantess feet torturing you every day made you obedient slave you are today. If your giant mistress wants you to worship her feet, smell those stinky worn socks and sweaty feet you will do it. Not that you would have a choice. You can't escape - she makes two steps and catches you right away. You tries in the past and she made you sleep in her sweaty gym shoes. Never again! Rather smelling those socks and worshiping her bare feet.

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