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  • April 20, 2024 16 min 5 sec

POV spitting humiliation by sexy Ukrainian babe


Your girlfriend hates it when you come home very late, smelling of alcohol and not paying enough attention to her. And if you don't she'll scream at you in Ukrainian language and she'll be mean! She feels to be a goddess and a beautiful angel and you should acknowledge it and lay at her feet if she desires so. And today you again came late and she's very tired of it. It's time to punish you. Spit in your face, make you worship her boots and lick the spit of the soles. You deserve nothing else! You'll get the middle finger a nice flip off and you'll be humiliated by your gorgeous goddess, by her sexy feet and high heels. Now if you don't wanna be layed of by her, lick the spit as your goddess tells you. Get on your knees and beg at her feet and worship her like a princess. She'll enjoy this humiliation of yours, you'll be her foot slave and footbitch right now until she's satisfied with your punishment.

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