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  • March 9, 2024 15 min 11 sec

Sore toes and a footgirl in need of attention


Ginger is working hard and it's difficult to be on her feet all day long, every day. She's finally getting home and her toes are killing her. All day in high heeled pumpms, pressing her long toes. The second she gets off work she takes comfy sandals and the second she arrives home she kicks those off as well and starts to take care of her BIG bare feet. Rubbing her soles and especially her toes. "Auuu they hurt so bad. I wish someone would take care of them for me. Rub them and be gentle with them.". What's even worse she stubbs her toe when going to grab some water and it's so much pain! She thinks at first her big toe has to be broken. But fortunatelly it isn't but now more than ever before she needs a nice foot rub and someone to take care of those BIG feet for her.

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