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  • April 5, 2024 24 min 57 sec

Sexy English tutor with long toes and sexy feet


Will does not really excel in languages and that's why he has a private tutor to help him after school to get better at English. He's attending his third lesson now and he has troubles focusing since his tutor is this young sexy babe who wears sexy clothes and makes sexy faces and her feet... OMG those are amazing! On this lesson they are learning about body parts and he's hopeless. He was supposed to study this but instead he spent his time home watching foot fetish porn and now he's all lost. Fortunatelly the tutor is really hands on or rather feet on tutor and when they are talking about feet and toes and shoes she gives him examples with her body. He's excited like never before and wants to learn more and longer and deeper than ever! It looks like she figured out how to handle him and it seems to her very correctly that he's into feet, and she's OK with it. Or maybe even more than OK...

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