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  • March 21, 2024 16 min 1 sec

Kinky landlord and his two tenants

Fantagiro Vicky

Being young and pretty and have sexy feet and long toes has it's advantages. It can happen that you're a student renting a place and you one day find out that this month's rent will be a problem, since you don't have enough money. Taking some kind of a loan is one option... Fantagiro has this exact problem right now but when her friend in sexy high heels arrive she tells her that with this specific landlord she already has some experience and that he's very much into feet and several times already it helped her from the same troubles. So they decide to try to again and double up on him when he comes and seduce him with their sexy feet, high heels, long toes and soft soles. It should work like a charm. Who could resist these college girls?!

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