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  • March 2, 2024 14 min 8 sec

Double foot worship on foreign student exchange

Fantagiro Vicky

The cold weather is hitting the city pretty good and Fernando with his two girl friends is returning back from a long walk. They are all very cold and the girls can't even feel their fingers and toes anymore. As they arrive home, Fernando makes them each a cup of tea so they defrost a bit :) and than the conversation starts. As they're all talking the girls start to complain that their feet are so cold and they'd need to warm them up somehow and that opens a great opporunity for Fernando. He's into feet so much and now he has two cuties here who offer their feet and almost beg for their feet to be in his lap. God bless cold weather! He doesn't like cold feet very much but he's really happy to warm them up and enjoy the sweet reward of their soft soles and sexy long toes.

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