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  • January 24, 2024 17 min 39 sec

Tiny military man is helpless against her giant sweaty feet


There is a tiny military man who is harrassing Dita in her sleep and during her morning as well. He's into feet or something because he's bitting her feet all the time. It hurts! She can't even see him down there at first because she's giant compared to him but when she finds him he will suffer! He'll know the true power of giantess BIG feet as he'll be crushed below her feet until his eyes pop out. But she won't let him go so easy... he'll be humiliated first and dominated and he will have to smell her stinky feet too! Worship them like a tiny little helpless foot slave. She'll crush him in between her soles and make him her bitch before she eats him alive!

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