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  • January 17, 2024 8 min 1 sec

Foot slave under her BIG colorful soles


Foot slave needs to be worthy of his mistess's feet and this one definitely needs some more training because he's talking back little bit and that's something he just can't ever do! His mistress Ginger has him on a leash, bound to the heat exchanger in the next room and now it's time he comes to worship her feet and show his servitude to the mistress. He's gonna do whatever she says and lick her feet and soles, suck on her toes and smell those BIG feet when she tells him to. That's the only way he's gonna be worth of serving her. Serving as a foot stool, as a personal foot masseur, as a slave at her feet. And if he's not gonna do a good job he will be immediately and mercilessly replaced by some other loser who knows his place better!

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