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  • February 12, 2024 20 min 49 sec

Two sexy mafia girls dominate local businessman

Yelena Polina

It's hard to be a businessman in general but when you have mafia targeting you and making you bend to their will it's hell. That's what happened to this guy - a medium business owner who finally got to be one of the most successfull in his field in this area. A nice guy, little akward and pretty weak as a man was visited by two beautiful sexy woman who were a little too much dominant and that immediately raised some questions. They start to ask all kinds of questions themselves and after a short while they reveal their bosses want some company documents and they will not be leaving until they get them. The guy is confused, scared but resists and that he shouldn't do! Both woman start to beat him up, choke him, humiliate him with their feet and treat him like their little bitch foot slave. He's helpless, made to worship their feet and shoes, getting almost choked out and head a gun to his head he submits and does what they want. From now on he can just hope this was the last time he experienced this.

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