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  • February 6, 2024 8 min 34 sec

Two cuties foot teasing with their long toes

Rachel MitziX

Your two roommies are quite the pistols. They're naughty, sexy, young, cute, beautiful and with amazing legs and feet. Both of them are like these foot goddesses you always wanted to meet. And now they're living with you and making your life hell. I know what you're thinking - "Hell? This is paradise!" yes that's one view but on the other hand their fathers are pretty big and rough guys, you know, you've met them and you don't want them to know anything bad or naughty that would happen to their little girls, right? And those two gorgeous cuties teasing you all the time with their sexy bodies, long legs and amazing feet, soles and toes are not making your life easier. On the other hand what's some foot worship right? You will not get anyone pregnant and their fathers don't need to know a thing. It's definitely a thought worth considering. And the girls are making you this one decision actually pretty easy right at this moment...

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