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  • January 30, 2024 16 min 40 sec

Better girl challenge. Who gets the prize?

Vicky Blue Kate

The two girls living with you are both clearly into you and every chance they get they start to fight over who's better. And as Blue Kate returns from work she finds out Vicky is already there and they both find a single croissant and immediately think it's for one of her from you. But you just forgot there... They start to fight for you again and you think it might be beneficial to lets say channel their fight in a way you'd like. Make them compare mainly their feet, play with their toes and show you their sexy soles. What better is there to see, right? You love feet, but they don't have to know that of course. They are so blind in fighting they will not even notice that most of the stuff you ask them to do are foot related. Let the games begin!

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