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  • January 15, 2024 10 min 25 sec

Long toes and high heels cutie teasing POV


Damn this girl has a crush on you for such a long time and you like her too right? So why didn't you ever get the guts to call her and ask her out?? She's taking matters in her own hands now and just as you're visiting her, drinking wine with her, she strips down just to her sexy underwear and high heels and starts to play with her feet. The one thing you have always passionately talked about in the past. It's pretty clear you're into feet and she's convinced this is the way to get you. And it looks like she's right! She's teasing you ad wants to closer to her, to her feet and to her body. Those long legs alone are making you dizzy right? And her sexy long toes and soft soles are just amazing! She's into you man so what are you waiting for? There no more obvious way of telling you from her side. Just go for it and enjoy this cuttie and her sexy legs and feet.

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